Zaneta Views

Zaneta is located on a hilltop in the northeast corner of Iowa. Surrounded by corn and soybeans in summer and deep snowdrifts in winter, here are a few views of the world as seen from the lost town of Zaneta.

Summer brings vastly changeable weather. The collisions of cold and hot air develop enormous thunderstorms that are often accompanied by tornadoes. This photograph was taken on such a day. Overpowered by the clouds, this red barn is two miles east of Zaneta. Look carefully at the lower edge of the cloud to see a waterspout and don’t miss the rainbow. Ten minutes after this image was captured these clouds became a tornado that struck the town of Hudson three miles further east.

Storm Brewin' over Hudson Iowa

Thistle is considered a "noxious weed" in this part of the country. We leave a small patch to grow every year that serves as a buffet for the butterflies and Gold Finches. As you can see they appreciate the treat.

Swallowtail Butterfly on purple thistle

The hot sultry days of an Iowan summer encourage the native wildflowers to grow. Perched on Queen Anne's Lace, a monarch butterfly blends its colors with those of the Echinacea, commonly known as purple cone flower.

Monarch Butterfly resting in the wildflower garden on a hot sumer day

A typical January morning, temperatures of 10 degrees and new fallen snow, this is the alternate personality of Zaneta — winter. The clear blue sky warns of the bitterly cold temperature.

Snow cover on a January morning