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To assist our website visitors in navigating our pages easily, we have divided our site map into categories. As our site grows and we continue to add more resources, this will also allow for expansion.

Zaneta Publication Design Company Information

  • Creative Services
    We provide individualized solutions to your publishing needs. Publish to the web or in print, get help with your résumé, whatever your needs our specialists are prepared to assist you.

About Zaneta Publication Design

  • Zaneta Views
    Zaneta is located on a hilltop in the northeast corner of Iowa. Surrounded by corn and soybeans in summer and deep snowdrifts in winter, here are a few views of the world as seen from the lost town of Zaneta.

Résumé design

  • Learning about Résumé Styles
    Each résumé is unique in that it is a reflection of you, the applicant. A one-of-a-kind correspondence piece, your résumé, markets your skills and expertise.
  • Steps to building a powerful résumé.
    Developing a résumé that gets you noticed is not difficult. To build a powerful résumé just follow our easy steps.
  • Résumé style samples
    There are three common résumé styles or forms, the “reverse chronological,” “functional,” and a “combination” style that incorporates the two. A look at your work history and the type of position you are looking for will help you to decide the appropriate style for your job search.
  • Focusing on the job search.
    Finding the absolute perfect fit in a career position and having it mesh with your personal life takes some focused research.
  • Résumé Writing and Job Search Resources
    Résumé design and tools to aid in the job search is the subject of many publications and web resources. Look them over and get a feeling for the styles that reflect the types of positions to which you are applying.
  • What is a Résumé Hosting Service?
    In today’s harried world, Zaneta Publication Design provides a service to make your job search a little bit simpler.Your résumé is now available anywhere, anytime with our Résumé Hosting Service.