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There are three common résumé styles or forms, the “reverse chronological,” “functional,” and a “combination” style that incorporates the two. A look at your work history and the type of position you are looking for will help you to decide the appropriate style for your job search.

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  • Classic

Starting with your most recent position, this traditional style résumé lists your professional experience chronologically. Most résumés are written in this format, and this is the format most employers are accustomed to seeing. A particularly effective style in the following cases:

  • You have professional experience in the field of interest.

  • You can demonstrate measurable results from your work activities — for example, "Developed an advertising territory resulting in increasing the annual average of inches sold twofold."

  • You have held impressive job titles, and/or have worked for big-name employers.

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Classic Samples

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  • Functional

The functional résumé style summarizes your professional experience or "functions" and minimizes your employment history. The functional style résumé became popular in the 1970's and 1980's but is sometimes still viewed skeptically by some employers. Keep this in mind: because employers are used to seeing "classic" (reverse chronological) résumés, make sure you have a definite reason for selecting a functional résumé format. This format is often used in the following instances:

  • Recent graduates who lack a lot of professional experience in their field, but DO have relevant coursework or training.

  • "Returning employees" after an absence from the workforce, because it minimizes dates.


  • You want to emphasize skills you have that haven't been used in recent work experiences.

  • "Older workers," since it minimizes dates.

  • "Career changers," since it outlines transferable work skills.

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Functional Samples

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  • Combination

The combination résumé employs the best components of the classic (reverse chronological) and functional styles. This style allows for flexibility in designing a résumé. More recently, the combination résumé has included accomplishments under each position or function, rather than simply outlining duties and responsibilities. Again, employers are used to a reverse chronological format, consider this style when:

  • You have held internships or volunteer positions that directly relate to your field of interest.

  • Each position you held involved a different job description.

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Combination Sample

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Remember . . . you decide which style will work best for you. Choose the one that will best show off what you have to offer an employer. Take some time to look at the samples.

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