Résumé Writing and Job Search Resources

Résumé design and tools to aid in the job search is the subject of many publications and web resources. Look them over and get a feeling for the styles that reflect the types of positions to which you are applying.

Résumé resources || Job search resources

Résumé resources

These are only a few links to get you started. Most of these resources have links to other sources of information.

  • About.com is a general job search and résumé writing site.
  • Dr. Williamson, at Saginaw Valley State University, has some down to earth advice for information gathering.
  • Jobweb.com is an all-round information site. They provide tips on interviewing, letter writing and more.
  • Résumé resource provides sample résumés and cover letters.
  • Rockport Institute provides answers to common résumé writing questions.
  • The University of Minnesota "Résumé Tutor!" provides an interactive workbook to help you gather the necessary information.
  • Need a cover letter? Try CVTips for samples and clear concise help.

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Job search resources

  • Dr. Williamson, at Saginaw Valley State University, provides alternative approaches to the job search.
  • Jobweb.com provides links to information on many employers nationwide.
  • Monster.com is devoted to the job searcher providing links to job listings and company information.
  • The University of Northern Iowa Rod Library has an excellent listing of career related resources.
  • The Riley Guide provides step-by-step help for internet job searching.

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If you have found a great resource you would like to share please tell us about it! Please remember to include the entire URL address. Thank you.